Welcome to Staincross Rifle and Pistol Club



Re-established in 1945, the club offers indoor smallbore and air gun Target Shooting, for everyone.
The club is located at the back of Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall.
If you email us we will send you more information.
All abilities are welcome from the complete novice through to experienced shooters. The club has all the equipment for all smallbore shooting styles and will make sure that it fits you.
The club offers
.22 rimfire rifle: prone single shot precision
shooting at 25 yards;
Bench rest shooting at 25 yards air rifle or
.22 rimfire:
Rimfire or air Rifle: standing shooting at
20 yards
.177 Air Rifle and Air Pistol: 10 meter
single shot precision shooting.
Instructors are available, and juveniles are welcome from age 12 but must be accompanied by an adult.
Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 7pm till 9pm and some Sunday mornings 10am till 1pm.
New members are required to complete a 6 month probation period before being considered for full membership.
Costs per night for Visitors are Adults £2, and Juveniles £1 (plus the cost of ammunition!). Visitors may attend 3 times before making a decision about joining.


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